Waiting For Applause

Today while at the Hematology Clinic waiting on the pharmacy to send up my meds we here a huge round of applause and cheers.

Those cheers were from the staff at the James as one patient did there last round of Chemo today.

I hope in the days to come I get to ring the bell they have up on the floors and get those cheers as I finish my last day of chemo. And then maybe again when I finish with my Transplant stay.

So many mixed emotions running through me as we head into tomorrow. And tomorrow isn’t even a huge deal. All that is happening is being admitted and doing a dry run of my radiation to make sure they have the right markers and set up for my treatment for the next few days.

But tomorrow also marks one week until I get the life saving bone marrow from a complete stranger I have come to call family. I do not have the words to express my gratitude to him right now. I may never have those words, but I know deep down I will always owe my life to him.

Keep me in your prayers as this next week will be a bumpy rocky and scary road.

Have a great week! Keep your heads up. Monday is almost over and tomorrow is a new day!

Of course it snows on a day mom and I are to head to Columbus. It always rains or snows when we go or leave Columbus. I think mother nature hates us lol

We are a go for tomorrow. My donor has passed all of HIS tests. Yes my donor is a male. He us from the US and is 24 years old. I will be receiving his bone marrow and my blood type will most definitely change from my B- to his O+

Currently that is all the information I am allowed to have.

I am ever so thankful for my donor and his willingness to save my life. Because of him joining the bone marrow registry through www.bethematch.org I have this opportunity to have my life changed forever.

Please if you haven’t done so yet go to the website and join today. You are just as important in beating leukemia as the chemo that they give and the doctors we pay.