Day – 6

Day -6 is nearly done. Today Jennifer received two rounds of bone targeted radiation. Each round lasts about 2-3 hours since they do her body in sections. The goal with this clinical trial radiation is to protect her organs while receiving large doses of radiation. She will do the same tomorrow and Friday.

Jen’s companies of back pain from the first round for having to lay so still for so long. The second round they increased the amount of meds to help her relax and it was very helpful. She is however experiencing some nausea from the procedures.

This evening the plan to give Jen something to help her sleep. She has been having some problems staying asleep for the last couple weeks. With radiation starting at 630 am, hopefully she dozes early tonight.

I am in the midst of packing for Columbus. I have really pushed this off the past 2 weeks.

I have gone from big pile of clothes on my bed to folded piles on the floor.

Now mom wants me to weed out the clothes for the hospital and the ones I will have at the hotel…….ummmm ya easier said than done.

I’m so screwed