Hello from Ottoville. …not where I had planned to be, however I am fighting a sinus infection and cannot be on the BMT floor or near Jen right now. It is nice to be relaxing at home, but not really where I want to be. But I don’t have a choice as the best thing for Jen is for me to be here.

Jessica stayed Saturday night while I stayed in a close by hotel. When I woke up Sunday feeling worse, we called in Matt to come stay Sunday night. This afternoon Randy went down to switch with Matt. And now we wait to see how quickly I get well and can return.

Jennifer is doing well, actually much better than we had expected. Day +6 was suppose to be the low, but Jen must have not got that memo. She hasn’t had any fevers in a couple days and overall feeling decent. She still has a limited appetite and a cough but she has been able to eat a few things and cough calmed by meds. The antibotics are still being given as her WC is still absent. We hope this is not the calm before the storm and she continues to power through. Having been told she would be very sick at this point, we are sitting on edge hoping she will stay well.

Tomorrow I will take another look at how I am doing and if I can return yet. Unfortunately, when I catch sinus infections, they don’t give up too easily.

Continued prayers are always welcome. Have a great Monday evening.