Janice’s Story

Janice was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)  in December 2017, only fifteen days after turning thirty-six. For weeks prior, Janice had been feeling off. Just before Christmas, Janice had daily headaches that would turn into migraines and was extremely fatigued and had incredible pain in her feet and knees. She also found a swollen lymph node on the back of her neck. All this made her quite anxious so she went to her doctor. 

Her doctor ordered some bloodwork but told her it could take awhile to get the results back. So under her doctor’s advice, she went to the ER.  And from there she was transferred to a larger hospital that specialized in blood cancers. as the ER doctor was suspecting Janice had leukemia or Lymphoma. 

The next day, Janice had a bone marrow biopsy to determine her exact diagnosis. She also had daily blood work and a Hickman Line placed. Chemotherapy was started and Janice spent the holidays in the hospital. 

Janice received several phases of chemotherapy as the search for a bone marrow donor was underway. Once remission was attained, Janice was readmitted to the hospital and they prepared her for a stem cell ransplant. She underwent intense chemotherapy and a total body radiation. 

In June 2018, Janice received a stem  cell transplant. Her donor was a young man from Europe who was found through the international stem cell donor registries. When a donor is from overseas, it is required to wait two years before contact information is shared, so Janice had to wait to request that information. A couple months after making that request, her donor was able to contact her and they have been able to email ever since. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, they will need to wait until travel becomes safe again. 

The stem cell transplant was the most grueling thing Janice has experienced in her life. She spent a month in the hospital suffering from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, c-diff infection, mucositis, esophagitis, exhaustion, and so much pain. She was unable to eat for days and was attached to a pain pump to help ease the pain. Janice found sleep difficult and even using a restroom was nearly impossible. Once released from the hospital, Janice spent only a few days before having to return. She was readmitted because development of graft vs host disease (GHVD)  of the gut.  Two years later, Janice is still dealing with the effects of chemotherapy and radiation and has lingering GVHD of the skin and lungs.

Before Janice’s diagnoses, she was enjoying her career and was trying to start a family with her husband. They had bought a house the year before. But ALL changed everything. It left her infertile, leaving them to put on hold the idea of building a family. With chemo brain, pain, and excessive fatigue, she has not been able to return to work either.  Not only has she lost her ability to work and have children, she has experienced hair loss, poor eyesight and hearing. Having loss of income has also been difficult. Time stolen by cancer has also taken away her trust in her body, her health, and confidence in a future she once thought would include cradling her grandchild. She describes it all as “a rollercoaster ride through hell,” as she now fights new diagnosis of hypothyroidism and hypertension, along with the fatigue, pain, chemo brain and a shortened life expectancy. 

Janice has a new appreciate for life. But also has built new friendships with other cancer warriors. She has found great support through this community of people which allows her to embrace life and find joy in every single day. 

Thank you Janice for sharing your story with us. We will keep you in our prayers to find peace and healing. 

Luke’s Story

Just days before his third birthday, Luke was diagnosed with PRE B ALL, a type of leukemia. He hadn’t been feeling well for about two weeks and had fevers every evening that would go away by morning. He had pneumonia and seemed to be getting better. And then just prior to finishing the antibiotic, his fever returned. His doctor decided to order some labs. And Luke’s journey at Promedica Toledo’s Children’s Hospital had begun.

Of course little Luke was scared of everything going on around him and often ask his mommy, Heather, “What are they going to do to me,” whenever a nurse or Doctor came into the room. Luke started chemo that lasted for three and half years. It made him sick and his fair fell out. Less then two months after completing his treatment, Luke relapsed. He would need to receive more chemotherapy. Unfortunately,  the chemo wasn’t working. Luke became qualified for immunotherapy, CAR-T cell. And it worked!!!  So now, Luke goes monthly for IVIG which helps the immunotherapy get rid of Luke’s B cells.  Luke did not have a donor on the Be The Match list, so if he would ever need a transplant, his dad would be his donor. Parents are always haploid or half matches for their children.

Luke, like most kids his age, wants to be a normal kid, go to school and play on sports teams with his friends. He and his family has missed many birthday parties and even Christmas because he was in the hospital with a fever. It has been hard to give up so much time with family and friends because he is immunocompromised and needs to be very careful to stay healthy. 

Luke was blessed with being able to do the Make-A-Wish program and got to go to Disney. His family has grown in their faith and has witnessed so many miracles. Prior to Luke getting sick, his mom Heather says she had not paid attention enough to recognize them. “We do not take things for granted as much as we once did.” Heather states. “God has the perfect timing for everything. “

Thank you Heather for sharing Luke’s story with us. We will continue to pray for him and his family.  

It’s Always Just Another Thing

Discussions about covid-19 has been the center of many conversations for several months now in our homes. And like most of you, we wonder about symptoms, infecting others, recovering, and if we then have immunity to this horrible virus. A previous post I wrote, I spoke of the many symptoms we ( Jen, Matt, Randy, and myself) have experienced. Now entering the third week of symptoms, we are wondering when we are 100% again.

The symptom that has been lingering late into this week for Jen and I is fatigue. I think between the two of us, we have slept more than awake in the last 24 hours. And while Jen’s fevers are gone and I have not experienced any…we both are struggling to move past the exhaustion.

Today, I asked Jen if she feels like doing anything feels overwhelming. Her answer was a 100% yes. It feels defeating because we both hoped by now, this would be in the past. And with tears in her eyes, as I dropped her off for labs, she said…”It’s always just another thing.” I don’t even know how to respond to that. She is right…for years now it has been one thing after another. Life shouldn’t feel like this.

In my head, for some reason I think after covid, everything will be normal. But normal isn’t really a thing any more. Normal is lots of hospital visits and labs and doctors. And while everyone seems to getting into the groove of summer and vacations….we are so envious. God forgive us, we want the life so many others have.

So when you drive by or see a post by one of us.. please say a prayer for Jen. We know God works mysteriously. Jen sometimes wants to know her life will give her some joy and relief. I want that for her also. More than anything.

More Covid-19

There are so many different versions of what having covid is like, people are skeptical what’s real and what isn’t. So I want to share our experiences.

For Jen, she has had some of the traditional covid symptoms you hear about. She started with a sore throat, then a fever appeared. She also has had an upset stomach, headache, fatigue, body pain, and diahrea. The first fever she had lasted about 36 hours before it broke. She had a second fever also about 8 days into the virus.

For me, I first experienced a headache that lasted three days. I have had mostly tiredness and fatigue with moments of not feeling bad at all. Early on my body also had pain, especially down my legs. Very low grade fever on occasion. ..but nothing over 100.0

Matt has experienced the headaches and body pain also but also some nausea. Sinuses have bothered him a little also.

Randy has been slow in showing any signs of the virus and only in the last few days has he not felt well. He has complained of body pain, sinus headache, and fatigue. He had a low grade fever earlier today

None of us have had huge respiratory issues but we account this to taking lots of vitamin C and nebalizing. I really believe it is key to keeping the virus from getting out of control. I highly recommend, even if you are not sick…to get your hands on a nebalizer, food grade hydrogen peroxide, powder form or capsule 1000mg vitamin c, lugals’s iodine, vitamin A and D. These things can take time to locate or shipped so don’t wait until you are sick.

If you need help understanding what to get, please reach out to me or Matt.

Dr Ng gets Jen on the Mend

My favorite day of the week! Sunday!

Jennifer is continuing to do well. She has a bit of a lingering cough but she is mostly 100% again. We really believe she responded well to Dr Ng’s regimen and we are looking forward to these covid days being in the past.

Randy must be one of those asystematic people because he has shown zero signs of illness. Thank goodness! He is pretty much holding down the fort.

Matt is still here. He has had an off and on headache and feeling tired and achy as well. He seems have moments of not bad at all. And moments where he wants to sleep.

As for me, I haven’t had any new headaches since mid week but exhausted. I curl up near Jen when she is sleeping or on the couch. I think I am sleeping a good 14 hours a day. But no cough or fever.

Thank goodness Jessica tested negative. She dropped off groceries yesterday. Poor Andrew was so sad he couldn’t come in and play with papa. He gave her the what for their whole ride home.

My friend Holly has started a meal train for us because cooking is the last thing I want to do right now. I will leave a link for it in the comments. She lives in Florida, otherwise I could see my friend dropping off food every day. Thank you to Mary E Ricker for the meal today.

Once this is behind us, we will schedule once again Jen to begin radiation. It is on hold until she is covid negative. In the meantime, we pray no cancer finds its way back.104123575_10223033452761918_9202170118853846042_o

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Home Again

Jen has been doing pretty well. All her vitals continue to be strong and she hasn’t had any new fevers. We are hoping this means the worst is in the past.

We are also are home. I’m not sure if I had said that previously. So she is cuddling on her dog Dexter. We had to make a trip to the ER yesterday because we couldn’t get her central line to flush. I of course, had to sit in the car and wait. Four hours later, they changed the caps to her line and they flushed easily. Sometimes it is these trips that exhaust us more than anything.

I’m dead on my feet again today. I am hoping I get my covid results back today. I’m hoping I’m so tired because of all the stress of this and not because I too am fighting the virus. If I am fighting it, I too have increased my intake of vitamin C, A, and D. I have not have fevers, sore throat, or cough. Just dead tired.

I was thinking last night as I lay next to her listening to her breathe, how when she was just weeks old and home on an apnea monitor…how I would lay there watching the lights blink on the device. Over time I learn to trust it and allowed myself to rest. I’m hoping in time, I am once again trusting she will get through this and I can rest easy.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We are going to come out of the other side of this with having gained so much in our faith in God.

Holistic for Covid-19

This is what we are learning. And I feel strongly these things are making a difference.

I am not a doctor…nor do I pretend to be. But Jen went from feeling like a 0 on late Saturday to saying she feels 100% better.

1. Hydrate with good quality mountain spring water that comes in a glass bottle and is drank out of a glass cup.

2. Increase vitamin D, especially if you are over 60 or you have darker colored skin. Or living in a colder climate or do not get much time outdoors. Vitamin D doesn’t not prevent covid-19, but can make recovery quicker.

2000-6000 IU for prevention and maintenance (with a protein)

50,000 IU for four days if treating (with a protein)

3. Add vitamin A to you diet also. (If not pregnant)

Prevention and maintenance – 5000 IU with a protein

If Covid-19 positive
100,000 IU with a protein for four days.

4. Now the key to all this…. vitamin C. Not a tablet. Capsule ok…but even better in powder form. Powder form you will need to look at health food stores or online.

In high doses if you are feeling sick or covid-19 positive. Don’t take all at once but every hour giving yourself 1000-5000mg (up to 10,000 a day). If your digestive system is irritated…take less. You don’t need to do this while you sleep. Do this for four days.

If you are not sick, take also daily. 3000-5000 a day….not all at once

More to come. But want to help others as much as we can to stay out of hospital. And recover quicker.

If these things are helping Jen, I know it can help those of us not as sick as she is. This is not to be a substitute for you getting medical treatment if you are having troubles breathing with a pulse ox under 90, a low blood pressure, or a racing heart. However we have found these steps have improved all Jen’s vitals.