Luke’s Story

Just days before his third birthday, Luke was diagnosed with PRE B ALL, a type of leukemia. He hadn’t been feeling well for about two weeks and had fevers every evening that would go away by morning. He had pneumonia and seemed to be getting better. And then just prior to finishing the antibiotic, his fever returned. His doctor decided to order some labs. And Luke’s journey at Promedica Toledo’s Children’s Hospital had begun.

Of course little Luke was scared of everything going on around him and often ask his mommy, Heather, “What are they going to do to me,” whenever a nurse or Doctor came into the room. Luke started chemo that lasted for three and half years. It made him sick and his fair fell out. Less then two months after completing his treatment, Luke relapsed. He would need to receive more chemotherapy. Unfortunately,  the chemo wasn’t working. Luke became qualified for immunotherapy, CAR-T cell. And it worked!!!  So now, Luke goes monthly for IVIG which helps the immunotherapy get rid of Luke’s B cells.  Luke did not have a donor on the Be The Match list, so if he would ever need a transplant, his dad would be his donor. Parents are always haploid or half matches for their children.

Luke, like most kids his age, wants to be a normal kid, go to school and play on sports teams with his friends. He and his family has missed many birthday parties and even Christmas because he was in the hospital with a fever. It has been hard to give up so much time with family and friends because he is immunocompromised and needs to be very careful to stay healthy. 

Luke was blessed with being able to do the Make-A-Wish program and got to go to Disney. His family has grown in their faith and has witnessed so many miracles. Prior to Luke getting sick, his mom Heather says she had not paid attention enough to recognize them. “We do not take things for granted as much as we once did.” Heather states. “God has the perfect timing for everything. “

Thank you Heather for sharing Luke’s story with us. We will continue to pray for him and his family.  

Day +61 Give Blood – Receive Blood

So here we are at the James. Jen’s fourth readmission since receiving her transplant.  Readmissions are common but each time she has been able to stay out of the hospital longer. 

So far her doctors  have discovered she was dehydrated (most likely from getting sick) and she needed red blood cells (hemoglobin). Both can explain her fatique and overall weakness.  Her hemoglobin count was at 6.4 which under 7 gets her a transfusion. 

Again because someone took the time to give blood, Jennifer is able to receive it today. Maybe even someone at the Parish Hall in Ottoville last week. Whomever it was, thank you for giving. Blood transfusions have become vital for Jen to get well. 

Before Jennifer got sick, she gave blood many times. Now she is in need of blood and we are learning how important giving blood has become. I hope no one I love has to ever learn the way we have how vital it is. But please, give blood so someone can receive blood. 

Most Important Test of Their Lives