Hair Cutting Day

Day # 12
It has been a fairly quiet couple of days here. Weekends usually are. Once in awhile someone out walking the floor, peaks in the door to see Jen’s decorations in her room. The nurses on the other pods on the 16th floor heard we had her room decorated and will come to take a look. I guess this means we have a reputation to uphold when Christmas is over. So I will need new ideas for decorating the space.

Jen’s hair started thinning out on Friday so I searched some of the facebook groups in the Columbus area and found someone to cut her hair shorter. We feel it would be less dramatic when it falls out if it was shorter and maybe easier on her.
Jen hasn’t worn her hair short since elementary school so it made her nervous. Her sister convinced her of getting bangs like Zooey Deschanel. And so a beautiful young lady, originally from Bluffton, Ohio named Kaleigh Oberly came to give Jen a new style. And wow do we love it! Each day we find how blessed we are to find such wonderful people in this world.

Jen has ran a low fever off and on the last couple days. Although they still aren’t sure of the source, they continue to give her antibotics to help her fight the infection.

Jen’s energy has been slightly better this weekend. She managed to walk a bit last evening but got tired quickly. Today the time getting her hair cut was about all she could muster up.

This is a big week for Jen. On Tuesday (day 14), she will get another biopsy. This will tell us if the chemo has worked and if we will begin to see her numbers come back up in the days ahead. If the chemo didn’t work, we start back to day 1 with more chemo. We should know by Wednesday or Thursday if it has worked.

I am here with jen until mid week and then her dad will come down for a day or two. Jen’s brother Matt is home now until after Christmas so he will be able to visit more also.

Also Jen’s sister Jessica starts her new job tomorrow. In the last month, things have been so crazy I haven’t had much chance to talk to her about it. But I’m hoping it is amazing for her. I’m sure she will do great!

Thank you for your continued prayers, kind words, and support. We are very blessed to have all of you in our lives!! Have a great week.