Jennifer had a pretty good day. She took a long nap this afternoon as she didn’t sleep too great last night. She was pretty quiet all day which isn’t her but she is taking some meds to help with anxiety and so that can make her feel a little off for a couple days.

St Rita’s delivered some supplies for us to clean her central line. Today was the first time we had to do that ourselves, but it was easy to do.

Tomorrow her sister is going to spend some time with Jen and maybe even take Jen out for a bit as long as Jen is feeling up for it. Jen will need to wear a mask around others when out and try to not touch things too much and wash her hands frequently.

On Monday, Jen will go to the hematologist in Lima to check her numbers and on Wednesday she has appt in Columbus at the James. Because the appt are early, the plan is to stay in Columbus with Randy’s aunt Diann. We are so lucky to have her there. I have also been offered a few other places to sleep when I am in Columbus for long periods of time and I am sure will be taking them up on the offer. The first week I had a hard time leaving Jen’s side as it seemed every time I did…something happened that concerned me. I am much happier being with her then being away.

Jen is handling this all like a pro. Her smiles and gentle ways continue as I know her to be. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter who has more love in her then nearly everyone I know.

Keep the prayers coming as I do believe God has been close at our sides every minute and sends us some miracles when we need them the most.

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