Today we are a month in from Jen’s diagnosis. And although we won yesterday’s battle, there are many battles yet to fight.

Jen is running a higher fever today and it is being stubborn. So they have her packed in ice. Her shivering is beginning to calm which is good as she looked miserable.

Her rash is back again worse than before. It may be fever related but until they are sure they are stopping the clinical trial drug again. She just had a chest xray to make sure there is nothing there to be concerned about.

Days 14-21 are the hardest they tell us, and that surely seems to be true. Her WBC is rock bottom at a .2 and so fighting infections will take diligence and lots of antibiotics. And then after day 21 we should see those numbers start coming up. We are at day 16.

We talked more to the doctor about the future plans. Sometime in the weeks ahead, she will be prepared for a bone marrow transplant. At day 28, she will receive another biopsy to see if she has remained cancer free (another battle we are ready to fight). If she is, this is what they then label as remission. This will give green light to move forward to the next battle.

The transplant will require 100+ days of inpatient and outpatient treatment. She will need to live here in Columbus through all that. When talking to my brother Rick yesterday about all my fears about this, he reminded me to enjoy today’s blessings and trust in Him to provide for the days ahead. I need to hear that sometimes.

Please continue to pray for Jen. Your prayers I believe are giving her much strength. We are so impressed by this.

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