Today’s blessing
1. In the middle of the night, I had complained that I had to get up and de gown, go to the bathroom, re-gown, and come back in. Jen remind me the freedom to move and do those things are things she is missing. I am blessed to be able to move about.

2. The 16th floor the paper towel dispenser would only dispense small portions at a time. Here on 14, you get a much longer towel to dry your hands with.

3. Project Toilet Seat hasn’t needed to show it’s ugly colors! The men on the floor either put the seat back down or there just isn’t as many of men.

4. Jen held off a Huxley for a longer period of time. When he did return, Jen battled through without blankets during the chills for most of it.

5. Blended chick peas are tolerable thus the soup I had wasn’t bad.

6. ANC score is up to 700! That is a huge blessing!

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