If all goes to plan, Jen will be discharged tomorrow and be home by late afternoon/ early evening. Although she will be home, she will need to be vigilant with hand washing (as well as us), staying as active as she can handle (to keep her lungs open), and staying away from anything or anyone who may make her sick. Although her numbers should rebound faster this time around, they will fall low.

By her numbers falling, the hope is the remaining cancer is killed off and she regrows healthy cells. Once the cancer is under 5%, it is undetectable. Jen was at 7% at her last biopsy. She will have another biopsy around day 21 or when her counts begin to return to normal. Today is day 4.

Jen will have her counts checked at least twice a week in Lima and also can receive transfusions in Lima if needed. Most likely she will need a few rounds of hemoglobin and a couple rounds of platelets. Without these, she will be very tired, her heart works harder, and runs risk of bleeding. We are thankful we can get this done so that she can be closer to home.

If she stays well, she may not need to come back to stay until transplant. Fingers crossed that is the case!

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