Not much change over the last few days. Randy took Jen to her appointment this morning to have her numbers checked. Jen’s energy levels have stayed fairly decent, so we weren’t surprised her hemoglobin is still fairly high for having received chemo last week. But her white count and platelets are really low. This means she must be extra cautious as she will be susceptible to infections and bleeding. So we are hand washing several times a day, wiping down door knobs, light switches, and surfaces and making sure Jen’s contact with the outside world is limited. She is also to be careful not to fall or bump into things so she spends a lot of time watching movies and playing on her phone.

We are still unsure if Jen will make an appearance on Sunday to the paint and sip benefit. If she does, it will be for a very short time and will be keeping a distance from others as to not pass any germs to her. Although others may feel fine, her immune system is too weak to fight much right now. So we will wait and let her decide on Sunday what she like to do.

There are still seats for the 3pm section of the paint and sip for Sunday. When we heard Angela Gamble hasn’t had much outside support we decided to split the proceeds from it with her. Angela is home from the James after having surgery last week. Also Amy Snavely, from Kalida, had been hospitalized for pneumonia and is waiting on a bed at the Cleveland Clinic to open. Please keep both these beautiful women in your prayers tonight. Finally we also ask for a prayer for someone we shall not name, whose cancer has spread and will be receiving additional treatment in the days and weeks ahead. Cancer seems to not take a break and all too often we are hearing of yet another who is battling this terrible disease.

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