I’m trying really hard today to find the blessings that surround me. It has been another long day. But the sun did shine and the nurse did find me a comfortable chair to sit in while Jennifer got another transfusion today.

Jen had an appointment this morning in Lima to have her counts checked. We expected they would be low based on how she was feeling. Her platelets were low again and her hemoglobin not far behind. Her white count had a very slight improvement.

When they called for her to get a transfusion in Lima (both hospitals), neither had platelets available until tomorrow so I decided to make a trip to The James.

With already being in Lima at 1220, I expected we would arrive around 2ish. That was not to be the case. Immediately we got held up by a train for nearly 30 minutes. With it being the lunch hour, I thought best to make sure Jen got something to eat before we left lima. Plan to swing through the drive through at Happy Days near Memorial Hospital resulted in another 15 minute set back.

By the time we got here, through registration it was near 4pm. Not a good plan at all. To add to that they decided Jen also should get hemoglobin but she can’t get both at the same time. So we discussed hemoglobin in the morning instead. We hoped to get those in Lima however to be cross and matched for blood in Lima, we had to be there tonight.

Also the platelets the lab sent down was a larger bag and that took three hours to receive instead of two. So we are staying in Columbus tonight, she gets hemoglobin tomorrow morning and hopefully home by afternoon. So much for spending a relaxing day at home for her birthday tomorrow.

Blessings. …I’m having to really search today.

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