Hello on this Superbowl Sunday. When I hear the word ‘superbowl,’ I think of Jen. In 1988, the Superbowl was a week earlier then it is now. And so it was in January, the day Jennifer was born.

Last evening, Jen was moved from ICU to the 18th floor. Tonight she will be moved once again to the 15th floor. Since the 15th floor didn’t have an open bed, she was sent here, like a layover until she could get where she is suppose to be.

Huxley (remember him? ) has stayed away for now about 30 hours, with temperatures just under 100 degrees. But because she had been fighting those fevers, she was loaded with antibotics and fluids….so she is a bit swollen. Jen also had some sinus tachycardia which was caused by some dehydration, so the fluids helped that also. Now begins the process of getting those fluids off. As long as her bp is high enough, that process should soon begin.

All the test finally has keyed in on what is plaguing her. She had Rhinovirus, aka the common cold. But with her counts low, the common cold isn’t so easy to handle. They also found one test positive for MRSA. They thought possibly from her pic line, however they need two consecutive test positive for this to actually have MRSA. That has not been the case.

Today, Jen’s counts have been slightly higher. I hope this is the start of a trend and her counts are recovered by mid week and she is able to go home. In the mean time, I’m hanging out with her in the big city.

Also please pray for someone we love who has been sent home on hospice after battle cancer. #cancersucks

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