As we move closer to transplant, I have had a few ask me what needs Jen and us have. I debated posting a list as I do not want to appear ungrateful of what has been given or be demanding of specifics.

It is so hard to find yourself in a position of feeling helpless and relying on generosity of others. I have prayed on this many times over the last three months and God has worked in many small and large ways to provide for us. When thing seem to be at their very worst, we have found exactly what we needed. For example, yesterday I felt exhausted and once again overwhelmed. The stress not only Randy, Jen, and myself, but also on Matt and Jess had become apparent. Today I awoke to Jen feeling stronger, a plan that is working towards getting Jen home yet this week, and a little bit more of sleep that I really needed and it came when it was so needed.

We currently have several gas cards to get us through the next month. We are low on restaurant cards, especially Wendy’s and Panera (which are both in the hospital ). We also from time to time change it up and have food delivered from area restaurants that in the area of the hospital. Also there is a target close by I find myself running to a couple times a week.
We are still working on a plan in which Randy is able to miss work when things are the most crucial. With me and Jen not working, we still aren’t sure how doable this will be. But we have a bank account set up at the Ft Jennings bank for monetary donations. Once Jen is outpatient we will be needing to live in Columbus for a period of 60 days. This will also be financially difficult.

Most of all we need prayers for strength as we move forward. It has been through these prayers I feel we have come this far.

Thank you very much for everything. Joyce, Randy, Jessica, Matt, and Jennifer.

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