It has been a long week and some good news is in order. Jen is coming home this evening! They were able to complete her biopsy and put in a central line today. She is exhausted but I’m sure ready to sleep in her own bed.

Next week Monday and Tuesday Jen will have outpatient appointments at the James to start her work up for her transplant. Based on her counts and the blood work they have done, it appears Jen is in remission. And now it is time to work quickly and get her to transplant before those darn leukemia cells fight their way back. We don’t have a date yet but expect in the next 2-3 weeks, Jen will get her new leash on life.

It is exciting but scary. We know this is how we beat this terrible disease. But we also know it will be a long and frightening process. We have been amazed at Jen’s strength and we are certain if anyone can do this, she can. She is that strong!

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