At 33 weeks gestation, Jennifer was born. Back then, we didn’t say it quite like that. We said 7 weeks premature. Jen’s lungs were immature and she only weighed four pounds 5 ounces. But this little baby had eyelashes like she had mascara covering every lash. Besides her tiny size, it was the first thing you noticed about her. And this drew you in to her deep eyes.

When Jen’s hair fell out, I found her eyes just drew you in even more. And when she shot you one of her big smiles, your heart would just melt away. Over the last few weeks, Jen’s eyebrows and lashes have been thinning. And like when her hair fell out, the change has been hard for her. Not hard like maybe you and I would find it, Jen is stronger than most others, including me. But hard like another thing she adds to her list of how much her life has changed over the last 100 days.

Funny yesterday when she had made note of her lashes and brows thinning, I had just prior to that had thought my lashes were so short and my brow so needing a touch up. And I had frowned at myself in the mirror, not liking what I saw. Stupid me…..sometimes I have no idea how ignorant my thoughts can be. Maybe some day, I will see the blessings of short lashes and thick brows.

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