Cancer takes more away from a person than most realize.

Like for instance I can count on one hand the number of times I have driven a car since October. Those 5 times have only been around my small town.

I have to be driven everywhere. My independence to drive is one thing I have lost through this whole cancer bs.

My leukemia can cause me to become light headed and dizzy. Also cancer requires chemo. This we all know. And there really is such a thing called chemo brain. With this one can become confused and disoriented. Also one can be excessively tired out of the blue. Such things are not safe to have while driving.

Once I am in the clear of my chemo brain which takes weeks to get too. I can drive short distances.

With my transplant coming up in the next week or two things won’t change much in the driving world. It could be a good 6 months before I’m allowed behind the wheel.

Tomorrow I may get the chance to drive myself to my appointment in Lima. This may be the last chance I get to enjoy my independence when it comes to driving.

Cancer takes away so much more than people realize. It’s a cruel bully I hope to silence once and for all.

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