As we sit waiting for Jen’s next appointment, I look over to see her smiling. She is watching a video on her phone but then sees me watching her. She hands me her phone and tells me to press play.16991819_391836147841889_210909471154883614_o

The video is one of those feel good moments where a group of boys make accommodations to their game of basketball so that another boy in a wheel chair can participate. As I watch it, Jen smiles and then looks out the giant window in front of us.

There are people and cars moving about on this glumly day in Columbus. Those out there have no need for accommodations but those around us, that is not the case. The older gentleman down the hall talking to his son as they wait for their love one to return from radiation. And to our left, another older couple waiting quietly together. Jen is definitely one of the younger people here being treated.

Nearly everyone who moves about us has a walker or a wheel chair, many without hair and many with some additional medical equipment. A older man walks by holding the hand of another as if he was a child holding the hand of his mother. I assume it is his wife’s hand he holds but the empty gaze in his eyes tells me he isn’t really sure about much around him.

This is reality for us…for many others. Once a life as those on the other side of the window, now  one where accommodations are needed. Their was a time I hadn’t understood or cared about the accommodations. Now even the large silver shiny button on the wall to open a door seems to be so very important for those without strength to open the door or for those who arent able to  walk freely through it.

I have countless times throughout this painful path spoke about what it has taught me and about seeing the blessings that surround us. I’m not sure I am heard. I hope I am. We spend too much time not understanding how wonderful it is you don’t need accommodations. Too much time only taking care of our own struggles without care of those who walk painful paths like this. Too much time complaining without notice of how truely blessed we are.

Someday I hope I can return to the world of no need for accommodations but be like the boys in video Jen shared with me. And when Jen can once again move about without these, i hope we still take notice and reach out to those who continue to need them. And continue to see how blessed we are in this world.