This week is the start of challenging weeks to come. Tomorrow evening, we will head to Columbus for early morning appointment at the James on Tuesday. . Jennifer will have another bone marrow biopsy. For her to move forward to transplant, her marrow has to be free of cancer. We then will meet with her doctors as a follow up from her appointment last week when she wasn’t feeling well. Although she still has a bit of a cough, it is much improved and the swelling in her neck/gland has gone down.

Jennifer felt well enough last evening to go to the Ottoville girls regional final game. I believe she had a fantastic time with her dad and sister. I even crocheted her a hat in the green and gold colors to wear.

If Jennifer is feeling well enough on Thursdsy, she will go with us to the girls state semi final game. I’m hoping to get a press pass to take pictures on the floor (if anyone can help make that happen). I would also love to get Jennifer to the floor to watch some of the game. Hopefully my good pall Dave B. can make it happen.

On Saturday, Jen starts her first of three days of pre-radiation treatment. These treatments are to protect her teeth from radiation. If the Ottoville Lady Green win their game Thursday, we hope to get to the final game then Saturday afternoon.

Then on Tuesday, March 21, Jen will be admitted to the James to start radiation and chemo, with three days of radiation, a day off, and then three days of chemo. Then on March 28, Jen’s life saving bone marrow will arrive! This we consider Jen’s rebirth day.

Her donor isn’t someone we know but found on the registry. All we know is this person is from the USA and is willing to give Jen a chance at life. We are allowed to write letters to the donor but we are not allowed to identify ourselves for one year. I am not sure how I go about saying thank you to this anonymous stranger who is willing to save my daughter’s life.

It will be a crazy, but exciting week. We are excited about our local girls hs team in the state tournament and also a bit on edge as we move forward in Jennifer’s treatments.

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