Today while at the Hematology Clinic waiting on the pharmacy to send up my meds we here a huge round of applause and cheers.

Those cheers were from the staff at the James as one patient did there last round of Chemo today.

I hope in the days to come I get to ring the bell they have up on the floors and get those cheers as I finish my last day of chemo. And then maybe again when I finish with my Transplant stay.

So many mixed emotions running through me as we head into tomorrow. And tomorrow isn’t even a huge deal. All that is happening is being admitted and doing a dry run of my radiation to make sure they have the right markers and set up for my treatment for the next few days.

But tomorrow also marks one week until I get the life saving bone marrow from a complete stranger I have come to call family. I do not have the words to express my gratitude to him right now. I may never have those words, but I know deep down I will always owe my life to him.

Keep me in your prayers as this next week will be a bumpy rocky and scary road.

Have a great week! Keep your heads up. Monday is almost over and tomorrow is a new day!

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