Day -1 is a rough one. The chemo, ATG, and radiation have taken a toll on her body and today Jen is plagued with stomach cramps and discomfort. She also, although not having rigors, can’t seem to get warm. Her vitals have been good, and her liver and kidney functions look good. Her white count has hit bottom at 0.1 and she has no neutrafills. which makes her at risk for infections. Her hemoglobin is at 10.0 and platelets dropping into the 80s. This is all to be expected but still not easy.

This evening her donated marrow will arrive about 5:45pm. And will be processed. Tomorrow morning she will receive her life saving marrow and we wait for her to start to work.

Despite feeling poor, she knows she is very blessed today. Her donor is undergoing his donation, most likely as I write this. And we are so blessed to have him help us save Jen’s life.

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