Good afternoon. The day is going rather quickly considering Jennifer and I slept until about noon. Early morning vitals started just before 4am and led to a long drawn out people coming and going .

Jen already hadn’t been sleeping well. She said her mind was thinking about her donor and what she might write to thank him. Then she started having some stomach pain that kept her awake. At four, the PCA found she was running a low grade fever and her BP was a bit elevated. Blood draws from all three central lines were done, antibotics started. They also did a chest xray because Jennifer had a bit of a cough. Most of the time was spent with three different people attempting to find a vein to take blood also directly from the vein.

The shenanigans ended about 6am. Then with shift change at 730 and three different doctors coming in, by 10am, we were even more exhausted.

I haven’t heard results from blood work or xray but her fever broke, stomach calmed and BP back to normal. Her white counts and platelets still low and hemoglobin got a bit of a boost from the BMT yesterday.

Overall all is well and day +1 has been uneventful.

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