The days seem to repeat themselves. We go from no fevers to fevers. No stomach pain to back again. Heart rate up and then back to normal. Her ability to eat seems completely lost but has been taking in a lot of fluids. They did find an infection from her blood cultures but haven’t found what exactly the infection is. She is on an antibiotic (vancomycin ) but she is also having a reaction to it (called Red Man Syndrome…literally she is red(er) from head to foot). This reaction is being combated with bendryl.

I’m taking a break much of today in the lounge area. The isolation gowns and mask tend to bother my throat and nose after a few days so I am trying to get some time away from wearing them. If she is stable tomorrow evening, Jess and I are going to switch places so I can get some rest. It’s hard however to be away from her but I also need to keep up my strength for the long hall. Feels like we have been here already for weeks but we are only 9 days in. Thankfully Jennifer sleeps much of the time so she isn’t as anxious to get through each day as I am.

We continue to just wait and pray. It’s really the only choice we have.

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