Little gets past me without notice. As a photographer, I tend to be observant of changes.  I think maybe because as a photographer, I have framed out nearly everything in my mind. I have already placed it in a picture and so when it looks different than I had previously seen, it stands out.

It’s like when you go to the store, and notice where you once knew your Jif Peanut Butter to be, if it isn’t there any longer, you tend to feel a bit lost. Or if someone has rearranged a drawer in your kitchen, it takes a little while before you no longer open the wrong draw to find a bowl or a spoon. But bigger changes, can you leave you feeling like new and with a sense of rebirth. I find this feeling when furniture has been rearranged in a room or a fresh coat of paint.

Each day, I watch. Today, a request for a second helping of Kellogs Froot Loops. Jen hasn’t asked for a second helping of anything in a long time. But also, she was laying in her bed, something I haven’t seen her do for any length of time in nearly two weeks. These changes, I mark in my mind as a step closer to being well.  She also had PT come in and work with her. This is new. Added because “we are trying to get her strong to go home.”   The word “home” lingers in our minds for moments after it is spoken.   These changes are like those when you rearrange furniture or paint a room.  A feeling of new and sense of rebirth.

I’m ready for the next change, shoes on her feet, bags packed, and posters taken down from her wall. A wheel chair escort to deliver her to my car. And a new day with lots of changes she is anxious to come.  Based off of these other changes today, I am certain it is in view.

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