On day +27, I believed once again there was hope to finally be on our way. And then day +28 came. And although the prayers for quieted cough finally seem to been answered, low grade fevers, headaches, leg pains, and inability to keep food down changed our hopes for getting out of here.

Although the fevers never produced a temp over 100, it delayed jen getting platelets until late in the day. Finally by 8pm, she was able to get them. She also struggled to get a migraine under control which led her doctors to believe one of the meds she was getting was causing it. Once that med was stopped the headaches let up.  

Day 27 & 28, she received neupogen shots, a bone marrow stimulant with hopes to raise her white count. Today it appears the shots have helped as her white count is over 3 again and cough quieted.  However the medicine is most likely the reason she had leg pain so today she didn’t get the shot. Hopefully her white count holds and continues to grow.  

But also Jen got sick several times yesterday and once this morning.  Since the nausea meds seemed to work before and now aren’t working as well, concerns she is developing acute graft vs host disease. Tomorrow they are going to scope the stomach and biopsy to see if that is the reason. And because of this, it no longer seems Jen will get out of here by the end of the week.

Jen has slept well today, so the news of staying even longer doesn’t seem to have her upset.  But I’m starting to wonder if after this, another hurdle will appear. It’s exhausting.  I’m thankful her cough has improved but I’m beyond stresses otherwise.

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