Because Jennifer had gotten sick several times on day 28 and once day 29, they scoped her stomach this morning and took some biopsies.  They are looking to see if she is developing GVHD  (Graft vs host disease ). They said she had some area that looked red but nothing acute.

The strange thing is, she requested pizza last night. Pizza, of all things. And the ate 2 1/2 pieces and kept it down. Tonight, chicken tenders from Cains. I’m waiting for the shoe to drop. Hoping it doesn’t but it seems to be the pattern.

Her cough has improved greatly these last couple days. It is still present but not keeping her awake like it was. She continues to get breathing treatments and is on 2 liters of O2. This has been reduced from four liters this morning. 

I close this asking for you to pray for another patient here at the James. Ralph is on the BMT floor and is a week behind Jen in transplant.  He has been struggling and his wife, Karen has been so worried about him.  They have a young son and I know she worries about raising Ray without his dad. Please keep Ralph, Karen, and Ray in your prayers tonight.


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