I’m sitting here with Jen waiting on doctors to come in. I had went to hotel to sleep last night and did some laundry before coming up. Jen texted me at 2am, telling me they did a chest ct a little after 9pm. 

Unfortunately,  the scan shows a tiny clot in her lung. This is reason why her vitals have been all over the place and why she has been short of breath.  

I am not sure what the plan is as her platelets are low so blood thinners are not an option. So we sit and wait to see. More later. 
Update 10:31 a.m.

The plan is tricky.

Her platelets are under 50 so blood thinners aren’t possible. So they can give her platelets to keep it there however…the more u get …the less effective but also a lot of fluid.

She is on a drug for a virus that brings her platelet counts down….so consider taking her off it.  

They also are going to scan her legs to see if the clots came from there and if there are more…they will need to put in a filter to keep more from traveling. 

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