I’m working on a small project and need your help. Jen is getting stronger each day, and I really believe your prayers have helped. I want her to know who you all are and how following her story has impacted you.

 If you could make a Facebook  or Instagram post with the hashtag ( # ) #BecauseOfJen and then finish the statement.  

Example – #BecauseOfJen I have been noticing my blessings each day. 

I’m going to get all of these saved in a book. Feel free to include a picture in your post that I can incorporate.  Thanks! 

One thought on “+40 A Little Project 

  1. Hello there. I’ve been following Jen’s story for a little while. She inspires me to keep on pushing through because I also have cancer. But following her story motivates me. She’s got so much strength. And please if you will for me tell her to never ever give up hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It might not seem like it right now because of everything she’s going through but there is. Sending lots of hugs and thoughtful prayers your way.


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