Today marks six weeks since Jen’s transplant and seven weeks since she was admitted to the hospital and just under eight weeks since she left Ottoville  (and watched the Lady Green play in the state tournament.)  Back in Ottoville there has been celebrations for the girls ‘ basketball team, prom, first communion, the start of baseball, soft ball and track seasons, Easter, and community garage sales. Cold weather has been replaced with warmer temperatures and furnaces turned off (most days).

The doctors were hoping Jen would be attempting to leave again today however a nonstop nose bleed has halted that plan. Jen was receiving Lovenox (a blood thinner) to help prevent future blood clots, however with the low platelets there has been way too many nose bleeds, often the blood draining to the back of her throat causing her to vomit. So they have decided to stop the Lovenox until her platelet count can sustain itself. 

The platelets have been needing a constant boost and so today she once again with get yet another transfusion.  Blood supplies are low so she is having to wait on some to arrive from The Red Cross (please please donate blood as having to wait isn’t good). She also is receiving red blood cells (hemoglobin ) and some fresh froze  plasma  (FFP) that will help stop the nose bleeds. 

If the bleeding stops, the attempt to leave will be tomorrow.  Here is to hoping that will happen. 

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