This evening Jennifer and I are spending out last night in room 300 at the Staybridge Hotel on Olentangy…aka Homestead South. Over the last couple weeks, I have brought home most of the things we had here. When we came back in May, we were wearing pants and long sleeves, now it is warm enough for shorts and a tshirt. The first days, she was still coughing,  so  drawers were filled with cough meds and breathing treatments.  We no longer use those things. She was too weak to get herself into the large king size bed, now she wishes she could take with her the very comfortable mattress we have slept on.

Although the last few months have been hard, Jen and I have been through it together. We found ways to live in the city  on our own. We have spent a lot of time crying. We have spent a lot of time praying. But we are ready to go back full time to being a complete family under one roof.

We still will be coming to Columbus at least once a week for clinic appointments,  and still possibly having extended stays here at times. There is still so much to heal. Jen has not yet grown back platelets completely and her white count still needing injections to keep up. We still worry about infections, GVHD, bleeding, fatique, side effects of chemo and radiations and the many meds Jen takes daily. And hopefully the fears of the cancer returning will be replaced with new thoughts of what great things lay ahead for both Jen and I. 

As we push closer towards day +100, we are preparing for Jen’s survivor party on July 22. It is our hope, she sees so many who shared moments with us and those who have prayed for her. We are so blessed with Jen getting better, to have had room 300 where we have created memories, and for all of you who have loved Jen. 

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