FB_IMG_1507736326663Jennifer dressed  literally  from head to foot today in her Indians attire, ready for game five against the Yankees tonight. But first we had to get a couple pesky appointments in Columbus out of the way before game time.

We left before the sun was fully up to get to her eye doctor appointment at 945. Of course, as all appointments go, they were running behind. The beginning of the appointment was going well with very little eye dryness from GVHD and little, if any changes in vision. And then, the doctor found something that would change the course of our day.

Jen has swelling in both optical nerves and several hematomas behind the eyes. This can explain the spots in her eye sight (blood leaking into her vision) and her headaches. The eye doctor sent her immediately to the ER for further evaluation.

Upon arriving here, she has had an iv hooked up and recently came back from MRI. It  has been decided she will spend the night as they figure out the reason for these things.  Of course, some of the possible answers are frightening,  so the waiting is hard. But also, this place is so full of bad memories,  it is the last place we want to be.

I ask for a couple things as we sit and wait. 1. Prayers of course. We have felt the power of prayer. 2. To remember this is such a hard place to be for jen and myself. And for Randy, Jess, and Matt as they wait anxiously for answers back at home. It is a lonely and  a scary place to be. When someone reaches out to Jen or the rest of us, it often comes as we are feeling so helpless. And it is so appreciated.

Hopefully this is a short stay with positive outcomes. And hopefully the Indians win tonight and we can enjoy the rest of this post season from home.

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