Yes, we still count the days!

Today, over eighteen months since she was diagnosed and 422 days since her bone marrow transplant, I am happy to report how well Jen is doing. Not only are Jen’s counts awesome, she has been feeling much stronger than she has in a very long time….maybe even years.

Today, Jen had a hematology appointment at the James. As we walked in, I felt I had to introduce Jen to them as they had never met the young lady she is today. Her smile is back and her old self has returned . She talks  (just like her mom) without taking time to breath it seems like. She drove herself into Columbus (first time since getting sick) as I road as a passenger. Driving in city traffic means, she is able to focus on multiple things again!

She doesn’t have to return to see hematology for three months! That is like a new leash on life. She will see a dermatologist, rheumatologist, and gynecologist in the coming days in weeks as she continues to struggle with skin, inflammation, and lack of cycles. These hopefully in time will sort themselves out.

We accredit the much improvement to a few things . First, regulation with medication of spinal fluid after months of instability. Secondly, physical therapy that is helping to build her strength again. Also a change of diet that has removed carbohydrates and refined sugars from her diet. And finally, a nephew that gives her reason to get stronger.

Our 2018 word of the year is defining us well. BLESSED.