Sunday, April 26

Well it’s been a day. What started out as just another day in the life of cancer, has turned into the bumpy road of cancer.

First before I go into too much detail a couple shout outs. Happy birthday to my brother Rick Fischer . Congrats to my friend Morgan Keets who had her baby. And love seeing your face to my friend Jessie Neavill

So Miss Jen noticed an increase in blood in her nose today so she decided we should have her platelets checked. But also her arm was sore at her PICC line . So around 4 pm I drop her off at the ER in Lima at St Rita’s. Due to this f&&& covid-19 I can’t stay with her so I drive to my parents to porch visit

After a couple hours Jen calls to say her platelets haven’t budged since Friday so maybe they’re stabilizing and we’ll start to rebound here. But they took an ultrasound at her PICC line and they think either blood is pooling under it or she has a blood clot. There is nobody at St Rita’s who’s qualified to pull her PICC line because of all the furloughs. If somebody pulls it they have to be careful not to dislodge a possible clot. But also there’s talk that they want to put her on a blood thinner in case it is a clot. But because her platelets are low, a blood thinner may be an issue.

So then the ER doctor says that maybe he is the most qualified to pull the PICC line and so he may be the one doing it. This worried me so I called to Columbus to talk to a charge nurse on the BMT floor who could get us in touch with her team. The ER doctor had yet to speak to anyone at the James. Thankfully the James team calls the emergency room at St Rita’s and they come up with a plan. Not a great plan but a plan. For now they’re leaving the PICC line where it’s at. They are going to have her speak to her team in Columbus tomorrow. and maybe we’ll be headed there to have someone there pull the PICC line. And then decide from there if it is a clot if she should be on a blood thinner or if we need to wait until her platelets are higher.

This is cancer.

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