Good evening. Jennifer is on day 6 of 7 of chemo (although the last bag will end on day 8 but start on 7) . Her numbers yesterday had held steady from the day before but today there was a drop in her hemoglobin and platelets. Her white count hasn’t changed much over the last 3 days.

Jen felt like her heart racing this morning with hearing the pounding of it in her ears. This comes from the low hemoglobin. Although they don’t give a transfusion unless under 7 (hers was at 7.1) her NP was going to order her a transfusion. When the order didn’t come through, we decided to ask about it. Her doctor was in this evening and explained he doesn’t like to give transfusions with the number over 7 because the more transfusions she gets, the larger risk she runs for her transplant to not work.

Jen’s rash has disappeared so this evening she will start the clinical trial drug again but at half of the dose she was taking before. They will watch her closely for signs of the rash returning.

On day 14 (next week Tuesday ) she will have another bone marrow biopsy to check if the cancer has decreased or gone. Her biopsy from last week showed neither growth or decrease.

Yesterday Jen’s grandma and aunt Sue came to visit and grandma stayed here with me over night. Tomorrow she and I will head back to Ottoville and Jen’s sister will come for a couple days so that Randy and I can celebrate out 31st wedding anniversary (which is tomorrow. ..btw St Nick comes tonight for those of you who celebrate that).

Thank you again for continued prayers.

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