Maybe Day 1 yet today….

This morning a new doctor on Jen’s case came to see her. A new look at her brings a new view and a different approach. Although we were disappointed Jen didn’t start chemo yesterday, the delay may have been a blessing in disguise.

The doctor looked at her file before coming in and had a couple questions about why induction chemo and not consolidation. Because her counts remain well and because it seems as the cancer cleared up, so did the rashes, he wondered if she is actually in remission.

He shared with us there was a test that had not yet gotten back that is more specific at looking at the abnormal cells and determine if they are premature new growth cells or cancer cells. And he thought possibly some since her numbers are in average range, this very well can be the case. He also thinks possibly the rashes are leukemia in her skin and as her cancer improves, so did the skin.

So while waiting on that test result, Jen gets results of her echo this morning. Frequently, induction chemo can do heart damage. When young like Jen, the heart repairs itself over time. Jen’s heart showed some damage. Then earlier then expected, the result from her biopsy comes back. And it is a good news, bad news thing.

The good news is because the need for time to repair her heart, they think consolidation chemo is the way to go. This means five to six days in hospital and home. It is not as intensive, shorter stay, and saves the induction chemo for transplant. The bad news is she truly isn’t in remission, as the doctor had hoped.

So now with a different plan, she moves forward with 2 hours on chemo and 12 hours off and that repeats for five days. And to her delight, she gets to come home early next week and be home for her birthday.

Cancer Free!

From Matt



From Jessica

So I’m walking around the grocery and my sister calls. She tells me a few things about her day. She has a rash, they took out her line, etc. She buried the lead! Her initial biopsy results from yesterday show no leukemia cells or blasts at this time! It doesn’t mean remission yet but it’s a step in that direction!

New Warnings on the Door

The warnings on Jen’s door now include low platelets, low white count and isolation.

Jennifer showed signs of an infection last evening with a couple body sores. She spiked a fever for a few hours over night but the temperature returned to normal. They have started her on antibotics while they find the source on infection. Her platelets are very low thus risk of bleeding is very high. Her blood pressure has also been low.

Keep prayers coming.

Sister Jess’s Words

Had a little bit of a long night. Yesterday, especially in the evening, Jenny’s blood pressure was low, even for her. She also ran a little bit of a fever for a few hours. So she got some extra blood draws, cultures and vital checks through the night. “Of course the night I’m sleeping and resting comfortably,” she said.
Her temperature is back below fever range now and her blood pressure has normalized so not sure what exactly was happening. It’s breakfast time and hopefully we can get a short walk in this morning.
Good morning everyone!


Day 6 of 7 of Chemo

Good evening. Jennifer is on day 6 of 7 of chemo (although the last bag will end on day 8 but start on 7) . Her numbers yesterday had held steady from the day before but today there was a drop in her hemoglobin and platelets. Her white count hasn’t changed much over the last 3 days.

Jen felt like her heart racing this morning with hearing the pounding of it in her ears. This comes from the low hemoglobin. Although they don’t give a transfusion unless under 7 (hers was at 7.1) her NP was going to order her a transfusion. When the order didn’t come through, we decided to ask about it. Her doctor was in this evening and explained he doesn’t like to give transfusions with the number over 7 because the more transfusions she gets, the larger risk she runs for her transplant to not work.

Jen’s rash has disappeared so this evening she will start the clinical trial drug again but at half of the dose she was taking before. They will watch her closely for signs of the rash returning.

On day 14 (next week Tuesday ) she will have another bone marrow biopsy to check if the cancer has decreased or gone. Her biopsy from last week showed neither growth or decrease.

Yesterday Jen’s grandma and aunt Sue came to visit and grandma stayed here with me over night. Tomorrow she and I will head back to Ottoville and Jen’s sister will come for a couple days so that Randy and I can celebrate out 31st wedding anniversary (which is tomorrow. ..btw St Nick comes tonight for those of you who celebrate that).

Thank you again for continued prayers.

Day 4 of 7

Today is day 4 of the 7 days of Chemo.

Jennifer hasn’t been eating much over the last several hours. She is bothered by the smell of many foods. She also had trouble swallowing her meds. She is taking an anti fungal med, meds to keep her acid levels down, an allergy med for her rash, and meds to help with nausea.

Her mood is still very good. We went for a long walk last evening but as her numbers drop her energy levels will decrease.

Jen’s dad is coming down today and her grandma is flying in from Florida today to see her.

Please continue to keep her in your prayer

Word From Jen – December 1

Good morning all!

Last night was a good night. My rash is slowly giving way. I was able to get some good sleep last night even with the early morning vitals and blood labs.

This morning they had to redo my labs to check to see if the first labs were right. My hemoglobin dropped from an 8.2 to a 6.9 and then read a 7.0. So l will be getting a hemoglobin transfusion. I don’t need platelets or anything else which is good.

With being on chemo and IV fluids my counts are going to drop. The fact that I have gone almost 2 full weeks without needing a transfusion is amazing.

My sister Jessica Crawford stayed the night with me. We played countless rounds of rummy and learned how to french braid my hair….well sorta.

Yesterday we went on 2 walks around the hospital and my own floor which will reduce the heparin shots that I may need.

Today we did another quick walk around the floor before I was due for a refill on my chemo and my transfusion.

The nurses and PCA’s here love my hair Laura Moreo. Already planning my next color!


My brother Matt Honigford is coming down to see me this afternoon/evening and I believe mom and dad will be back down tomorrow.

They keep talking about moving me down to the 15th but that hasn’t happened yet so I am not holding my breath. I don’t mind the 16th floor.

If you want to send me an ecard or a present my current room number 1604. If I happen to change rooms before it gets to me they will make sure I get it anyway.

I really appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers and the donations. It really helps more than you know.

If you want to visit please let me know and we can set that up ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep my family and me in your thoughts and prayers as well as those in Tennessee. Those fires are scary and can’t imagine what the people of Tennessee ate going through right now.

God bless!

Chemo Started

Today I started Chemo. I am doing what’s called 7 + 3 which is 7 straight days of chemo and 3 of those days I get 2 bags of chemo.

I was also giving a heparin shot to prevent blood clots.

Doctor’s haven’t been in yet. Mom went home for the day to get things since we weren’t prepared to be admitted early. But my sister is here to spend the day with me ๐Ÿ™‚