Hello from The James! I am back in Columbus with Jennifer today and plan to stay through mid next week. Today Jen’s counts dipped low enough they decided she need a transfusion of platelets and one of hemoglobin. The platelets were at 8. Anything under 10, you run risk of brain bleeds so we are happy she received those. Normally a transfusion will bring score back to about 50. (Normal is over 150).

Her hemoglobin (red blood cells) dipped under 7. Because red blood cells carry oxygen, these being low make Jen very tired. It also makes her heart work harder. Jen’s white count is at .4. They do not give white blood cells. This is up to Jen to remake. They do however have a shot they can give to help boost but the purpose of chemo is to destroy the abnormal white cells. Unfortunately along with that goes her normal ones.
Jen still has one sore on her leg they are watching. It is full of fluid and they may need to release it at some point. Because they don’t know what the sore is caused by and because of her very #s low, they have her under an isolation. The nurses, doctors, and PCAs and others who enter her room are required to dress in protective clothing until they know if the sore is an infection that can be spread.

Other then very tired, Jen seems to be handling it all well. She takes frequent naps so her being in more of an isolation is welcome right now.

Columbus isn’t suppose to get as much snow as back home. It would be very pretty to watch the snow fall from the 16th floor however.

As some of you know John Glenn passed away yesterday. He too was here at the James. Randy was here when his motorcade left the hospital.12

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