Hello facebook family and friends. Yes it is truly me. It has taken quite some time to get me to this point to make a post to all of you. As most of you may know I wad quite sick over the past week.

With all the meds they put in me and fluids and being bound to a bed I put on nearly 50 pounds of pure water weight. Half of that thankfully is gone.

My focus issues are still hard to deal with but pushing my limits the best I can so I can get better sooner.

I am working with physically therapy to help me regain my strength while I walk. That too has come leaps and bounds in just the past 24 hours.

We are currently on Day 25 of my admission here. The doctor’s told me yesterday to expect another 10 days plus inpatient therapy program. After today I feel that I may only need out patient therapy and then I could potentially be home by mid next week.

My numbers and counts for my wbc, hemoglobin, and platelets are continuing to get better every day and if it weren’t for my spout with pneumonia I would be home already. My numbers are pushing lower level normal levels for a non sick person.

Today my Aunt Diann Neal and Uncle Ernie came for a visit and my family also came and hung out with me for Christmas eve. Although it sucks to be here through the holidays I am truly blessed to be here today.

Live to love love to live.

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