Gestures. They make a difference.

As we prepare to go back to Columbus for another hospital stay, I was going through the things from our last stay.  In it was a hairband of Jennifer’s.  When she was admitted last time, the hairband had a purpose and it went on the trip with us. This time, it stays behind. I started thinking about Jen standing in the bathroom, brushing her hair.  I miss that. It is such small things I miss.

But I decided to not let it consume me, but instead focus on the blessings I find each day. Many of them come in the way of a small but significant gesture. So a list of gestures over the last several weeks, I present to you.

  1. The meal that showed up at our door.
  2. The random note left for me or Jen.
  3. The message left on Jennifer’s facebook wall with words of encouragement.
  4. The extra money found in a bank account from an anonymous person.
  5. The package of cards created by the little kids at daycare.
  6. The $5 donation made by someone who posted days before on facebook  they were broke.
  7.  The candle lit at church with a prayer for strength.
  8. The visitors.
  9. The garbage can placed back near the house on a windy day.
  10. The card sent from someone who we never met, who saw in an art group Jen was in the hospital.
  11. The hand placed on my shoulder, saying you are praying for Jen.
  12. The gentle smile from who had never been so kind before.
  13. The meal that was paid for when we were out on our way to an appointment.
  14. The many prayers made each and every day for Jen.
  15. The nurse who took an extra minute to give me a hug.
  16. The people who have given blood in Jen’s honor.
  17. The people decided to be on the bone marrow registry.
  18. The friends who listen to me cry and scream when I am falling apart.
  19. All the cards of get well. And of course Christmas cards.
  20. The gift cards that filled our tanks and tummies.
  21. The monetary donations that have got us through when we aren’t able to work.
  22. The help with the house, the dogs, the meals, the laundry, and all the rest that goes without me when I’m with Jen in Columbus.