Time goes so fast when you want it to slow down. We are already done with a week of Jen’s three week til admission….Although admission technically will not happen until March 9 ( still tentatively ), she will need three days in a row of an iv treatment that is done prior to radiation to protect her body from the harmful rays. This is an outpatient treatment that tentatively will happen on March 6, 7, and 8.

Jen’s counts all still look good and her strength and appetite are returning. I don’t even think she took a nap today but did rest on the couch for much of the late afternoon. She also seems to be able to tolerate more foods in recent days.

Jess and Matt came over yesterday so we could enjoy a day all together before the world gets crazy. And all three of them are going to go to a Blue Jackets game on Saturday. Jen has really started liking watching hockey over the last few months so she is pretty excited.

We also plan to take her to Cincinnati this week to see her aunt and Godmother Linda Honigford be inducted into the hall of fame at Northern Kentucky. And I have a special surprise planned for her while we are in the area. We are enjoying making memories together and making every moment count.

When we have an exact date of transplant (it is still tentatively on March 14), we will share. In the mean time enjoy the lack of post and updates since Jen is currently doing so well.

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