It has been a busy couple days in Columbus. Yesterday Jen had an echo for her heart and a pulmonary function test. Today she had done transplant education, had blood work done and currently have a scan done for a clinical trial radiation treatment. If approved for the clinical trial, she will only have her bones radiated prior to transplant and not her entire body. This protects her organs from radiation and is safer in the long term.

Currently we have a pliminary date for admission and transplant for March 7 and March 14. This is pending the donor’s schedule and approval. Jen would receive seven days of radiation and chemo and transplant would happen the day after that is complete. Once transplant is done, they begin counting days. Day 6 we can expect her counts to be low and when begins being at most risk. Ironically if these dates hold, this would be Jen’s due date 29 years ago.

Around day 21 her counts should be recovered and be able to move to outpatient care but live in an area hotel. Around day 75 her central line removed. And day 100, being able to return home.

It’s a lot to take in and prepare for. We are hopeful this will forever cure her of this horrible disease. Prayers always welcome.

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