Jen perked up a bit today. She is on her 3rd walk around the pod. Not a long distance but any amount of walking is good. She managed to eat 1 1/2 jellos and string cheese. The eggs I got her this morning, she promptly spit out.

She received a bag of platelets which lifted her levels from 10,000 to 30,000. (Normal is 150,000-450,000) . Whenever they fall 10k or below, she will get transfused. Fevers have been gone most of the day. Prayers have done their job.

In a short while Jessica will be here to stay with us the weekend. We are looking forward to seeing her.

Jennifer will get a platelet transfusion today. We have been watching those numbers and knew she would need it. This morning her bp was normal and currently temp at 99.7. I don’t know if it is on its way up or down. I’ve lost track. She is very tired and fatique but comfortable with nausea at a minimum. Hopefully we have a quiet day as Jessica is coming to visit. We miss her!

The days seem to repeat themselves. We go from no fevers to fevers. No stomach pain to back again. Heart rate up and then back to normal. Her ability to eat seems completely lost but has been taking in a lot of fluids. They did find an infection from her blood cultures but haven’t found what exactly the infection is. She is on an antibiotic (vancomycin ) but she is also having a reaction to it (called Red Man Syndrome…literally she is red(er) from head to foot). This reaction is being combated with bendryl.

I’m taking a break much of today in the lounge area. The isolation gowns and mask tend to bother my throat and nose after a few days so I am trying to get some time away from wearing them. If she is stable tomorrow evening, Jess and I are going to switch places so I can get some rest. It’s hard however to be away from her but I also need to keep up my strength for the long hall. Feels like we have been here already for weeks but we are only 9 days in. Thankfully Jennifer sleeps much of the time so she isn’t as anxious to get through each day as I am.

We continue to just wait and pray. It’s really the only choice we have.

Good evening. Most of the day Jen has spent resting but was able to take a couple short walks in the hallways. Her heart rate has been a bit elevated this evening so they are increasing her fluids and keeping a close eye on it. They did an ekg and results looks good. More fevers this afternoon but morning blood draws have not produced any results. She also has been battling more stomach pains. All this is to be expected with the radiation and chemo and low white counts. Hopefully the docs and nurses can keep on top of it all until her counts come back up. Continued prayers as we move forward into the next few days.

Good afternoon. The day is going rather quickly considering Jennifer and I slept until about noon. Early morning vitals started just before 4am and led to a long drawn out people coming and going .

Jen already hadn’t been sleeping well. She said her mind was thinking about her donor and what she might write to thank him. Then she started having some stomach pain that kept her awake. At four, the PCA found she was running a low grade fever and her BP was a bit elevated. Blood draws from all three central lines were done, antibotics started. They also did a chest xray because Jennifer had a bit of a cough. Most of the time was spent with three different people attempting to find a vein to take blood also directly from the vein.

The shenanigans ended about 6am. Then with shift change at 730 and three different doctors coming in, by 10am, we were even more exhausted.

I haven’t heard results from blood work or xray but her fever broke, stomach calmed and BP back to normal. Her white counts and platelets still low and hemoglobin got a bit of a boost from the BMT yesterday.

Overall all is well and day +1 has been uneventful.

Jennifer did well today. She had no bad reactions and vitals stayed strong. The days ahead she will need to battle through having no immune system and low platelet and hemoglobin counts. But she is a rock! And her faith in God unwavering.

As if I haven’t already said enough in the last 24 hours, the one I haven’t been able to truly thank is Jen’s anonymous donor. Over the course of the next 365 days, we can only have correspondence with him through Be The Match. And cannot share our names, where we live, or other facts that may tell him who we are. We can write letters and Be The Match will go over them and make sure they approve.

Last night when the donor’s marrow arrived here at the hospital, I wrote a short letter. And although I know it will be sent, I don’t know how much will reach him. I share it here now, as for some reason, that makes me feel better….like somehow I am sending it into space to be boomeranged back to him.

“Dear …What do I call you? My miracle? Son? I am not sure.

I am writing this note to you on my daughter’s sketch book. I am sitting here in her hospital room knowing your life saving bone marrow is arriving. I am really at a loss of words right now. If you knew me, you would know, I am never at a loss for words. I’m not sure how this mom thanks someone who is giving bone marrow to a stranger, that will give my daughter a chance at life. I will let you know, her faith has been very strong through this battle. And although not always feeling well, her smile has yet to cease. She is much stronger than I ever knew. And now with your generosity, she hopefully can look forward to life again.

She has a love for God foremost. And for her family, an older sister, younger brother, her father and I. She has a love for animals, especially her dog. She misses sleeping with him while here at the hospital. She also loves art, thus the reason for the sketch book I write this letter on to you. Her brother is close to the same age as you. I hope he can be as generous as you have been for my daughter.

You have been raised well to go through this for someone you have never met. I have some catching up to do at my old age to be as generous. I look at her and know from the moment she receives your marrow forward, a part of you will live in her. God has blessed us all with you.

In the days to come, she will grow new blood cells, with the hope they are free from cancer. The journey in the days, weeks, and years to come won’t be easy but I’m confident, she will face each day with gratitude from having been given a second chance at life. Thank you!
I will forever keep you in my prayers, as I do for all my family.

Her Mom”

I have a couple days to write and rewrite this. And then, rewrite again. I truly not sure how to put into words what I am feeling.