Jen makes leukemia look easy. If she has pain, she hides it well. If she has worry or fear, it is disguised by a smile. I believe it is her faith that pushes her through….something she has always had but now so much more apparent.

She enjoys moments like each are golden….whether it is going to a hockey game with her brother and sister or enjoying an old family video with her dad. And although she sleeps more than most, when she is awake, we are greeted with smiles and conversation.

She is looking forward. Not only to several months and years from now but also to the days that will be here soon. She can tell you when opening day for her beloved Cleveland Indians is. And what day Beauty and The Beast comes out to theaters. Life doesn’t start when the cancer is gone and she no longer is getting treatments. She has too much to do to wait until then.

I have much to learn from my 29 year old daughter. She has taught me so much already. And I will enjoy each lesson as they come ….Hopefully as well as she teaches them.