Hello from Ottoville again today. Although I’m feeling much better than yesterday, I’m not well enough to return to Columbus.

We have decided Jennifer is a superstar. She is still doing very well with no fevers and vitals strong. She is in need of another platelet transfusion with her numbers falling into 6000. (Anything 10k or under, she gets one ). Her WC is still very low but hemoglobin has remained steady. Later today she is to have an echo cardiogram to see how her heart has faired through radiation and chemo. Other than that a quiet day with her dad is the plan.

She still is fighting having no appetite and a persistent cough. They are able to quiet her cough with meds but she will need to fight through the appetite. Since November, she is down more than thirty-five pounds but much of that muscle. Once she is out of hospital, she will need to work hard to regain her strength.

That’s all for now. Your prayers have been working as Jen is doing much better than we expected.

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