Jessica and Matt came down to Columbus today  (Randy got here yesterday) to celebrate Easter together. Jennifer spent about 30 minutes in the family area with everyone before getting tired and needing to go back to her room. She was a little nervous about today as she has so little energy to take part in much. The rest of the time we spent taking turns sitting with her in her room. 

We also did a little time today getting educated in how to flush her lines (we had this training before so it was a review ) and how to change her dressing on her central line. The process makes me still a little nervous but I have a couple days yet to completely understand.  

Unfortunately Randy, Matt, and Jessica had to leave by five to pick up the dogs and prepare for the work week ahead. Being apart is really the most difficult part of this time so we try to enjoy every moment we have together.

Jennifer is still dealing with the cough and is feeling pretty fatigued. She sleeps nearly 15-18 hours each day but is often interrupted by nurses, PCAs, doctors,  and staff. It will be nice to finally get out of here for some consistent sleep.

The doctors are telling us maybe Tuesday or Wednesday we can move to our new home away from home, Staybridge Hotel on Olentangy.  Although not ideal, it is better than living at the hospital.  I expect by tomorrow I will know if Tuesday will be the day or not.

I hope everyone had a good Easter. The first thing I’m cooking myself when we get out of here us some devil eggs. I miss those

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