You know Jen is starting to feel a bit better when she starts asking about getting out of the hospital.  And had she not still had this cough, I think the doctors would have said yes. But also Jen had one set of vitals this morning they didn’t like and she needed platelets.  So today is not the day, but maybe tomorrow. 

I did get some things taken to the hotel late this afternoon for when she is able to leave. I also went to the grocery and got enough to get us through a couple days. I was happy housing got things arranged as I am not sure how I handle that all on the day Jen is released as I may not to leave her for more than an hour at a time at this point.  

I did ask to have our space upgraded to a one bed suite as I am concerned Jen’s sensitivity to smells to not have a separate space to retreat to. But at $20 extra a day, I’m not sure beyond a couple weeks I can keep doing it. Hopefully by then Jen can handle the smells and we can go into a standard room. I am however excited to cook a meal with my stove top and little toaster oven Randy brought down for me. Oh and the trio crock pot Jess lent me. Real non-hospital food on the horizon. 

Jen did seem stronger today but her voice is still weak and is still sleeping a ton. I am so looking forward to her feeling stronger so I can take her to sit at a park or maybe spend an hour or two doing some art. It  will come eventually I know, but I’m looking foward to having my partner in crime back, even if it is just for short little spurts. 

I expect tomorrow or Wednesday will be the day unless something changes.  If it were up to Jen, she would be already laying in a regular bed snoozing.  

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