If you have been waiting for a positive post, you may find it in day +25.  I really believe Jen has turned the corner and is making progress to getting well.

 Everyday I look for signs of change. And I see it every day. Some days forward, some days backwards. Some days it is a big change and others small. I always see something that gives me insight to what I can expect. 

Today started with the words “I want breakfast.”  I haven’t heard that  in weeks. And then, Jen ate every bite. When she was done,  she told me later she wanted to walk. Again that is not something she has said in several days. And not only did she walk, she walked further than she had in a long time.  Then asked for something to eat again!  

She also coughed much less today and was awake more than yesterday. Seems like lately if she was awake, it was only to cough. Today when awake, she coughed little.  It is such a big relief. She also grew her platelet count without a transfusion.  Another big step. 

I also was blessed with a visitor from Ottoville.  My friend Linda Kaverman was in Columbus visiting her son and messaged me asking if I like to have dinner together. I was quick to say yes. How wonderful it was to see a familiar face!  I am so touched she had taken the time to see me. 

I hope in the days to come I can report Jen will be moving to outpatient.  I can tell you I feel closer today than previously. Your prayers have brought the start of healing and maybe soon Jen can be well again. 

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