We have now been in Columbus for 36 days, in the hospital for 31 days, and post transplant for 24 days. In that time we have seen winter end, baseball season begin, and Easter pass. Each day, we grow closer to leaving but also more anxious to do such.

This morning, Jennifer had a bronchoscopy, which is a proceure to view airways and diagnose lung disease. The doctor took some sample tissue to grow cultures to find what baceria is causing her the cough and pneumonia.  Jen had one of these also in December,  however this time because her blood pressure wasn’t low she was able to have twilight sedation.  If they couldn’t sedate her, I had asked them to wait until she had a bp that they could.  We haven’t heard any results from this procedure. 

During the procedure Jen lost some blood so they had to give her a transfusion.  She also required additional O2 (10 liters) but has since come down to 4 liters. She has slept most of the day. 

I did get Jen for the second day in a row to eat a bit more. She still isn’t eating much but more than she has previous. She is restricted on how much water she can have because her soduim levels fell again yesterday. However the drop wasn’t as severe as last week. 

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