I thought the good news that came back from Jen’s stomach scope would make her shine her big smile. But she has set her sites on getting released from hospital,  the news there is no sign of GVHD in her stomach didn’t get the reaction I thought it would.  

Although the docs believe she has improved greatly,  one test came back today with some elevaded numbers again. Once again concerns for something called CMV (which I am not all that knowledgeable about) lurk. Because of this, Jen will need to go to outpatient on a drug that is quite pricy and needs insurance approval. And it being the weekend, that approval may not come until Monday. 

Big crocodile tears streamed as she shared her disapointment in having to stay possibly the weekend. Although Monday isn’t that far away, her release has been pushed back too many times at this point. Her doctors are working hard with her insurance to get the approval tomorrow but no promises can be made. 

So I armed myself with two consolation  prizes. First I found a wheel chair and for the next hour, we strolled outside the hospital campus. She tired so quickly however and I had to bring her back. Secondly, I have requested her to get a pass tomorrow to leave the hospital.  Although she may only have the ability to hang out at the hotel, anything is better than being in this hospital room. Hopefully if she won’t be leaving this weekend, they agree to let her take a few hours away from here.

I end with an image of her white count score. Now no longer low and high enough to fight off infections. 

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