As many of you saw yesterday,  we had a live facebook event in which Jennifer was able to leave the hospital after  five weeks and four days of being here. As we drove away, she told me it was a bit surreal. She was happy but frightened at the same time.

I would like to tell you our first evening away from the James was awesome.  It wasnt. I am so thankful however to have had Jen’s sister Jess at my side through those 24 hours. Jen of course was exhausted by the time we got to our new but temporary home at the Staybridge Hotel on Olentangy.  But she wasn’t able to get comfortable no matter where she tried to lay down or sit. 

We finally laid down about midnight. Jen immediately started her whimpering she does now when falling alseep. The distressed sounds continued for a couple hours. Soon after, she woke with nausea and diarrhea.  It was 530 before she was back to sleep and quiet. At 9am, she ate a little. And all seemed ok for an hour or so. But by 11am, she was again uncomfortable and complaining of being short of breath. We tried a breathing treatment but no improvement.  Then she complained of more nausea.  We decided to call the BMT. The nurse had us give her a pulse, BP, an respirations.  All were a bit high and so the decision was to bring Jen back to the hospital.

And so, day + 33 is not quite the day we hoped. We wait and see what the doctors want to try from here. 

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