Sometimes you make the best of the situation and only care you are together on important days like today. The last few years, on Mother’s Day the kids come over, we grill and we play corn hole. It’s a perfect way, in my opinion to spend the day. I no longer want the go out to dinner Mother’s Days, as you spend too much time waiting to get a seat and fighting crowds. It’s really not worth it. So I simplied it and it’s exactly what I want.

But this year, corn hole and grilling weren’t possible. Such simple things, that I in prior years maybe took for granted.  I didn’t know how much of a blessing those two things are. In 1992, I spent mother’s day in the hospital in premature labor with Matt. And Randy had brought the girls to the hospital to see me. Over the last 25 years, I’ve forgotten how seeing them was the only gift I needed. And although grilling and a game of corn hole is nice, being together is really all that matters.

This mothers day, I’m blessed to have all my children by my side. I’m blessed my children are close to each other. I’m blessed Jennifer is not in the hospital.  And even if we had store bought bbq pork sandwiches instead of chicken on the grill and I didn’t get to get smoked in a corn hole game, I am perfectly satisfied with the blessings I did receive. 

To all you mother’s out there. …my wish for you is to spend all your mother’s days with your children. And to those mothers who have lost one of their previous babies, my heart breaks for you. May God wrap you in His arms and help you to get through the hardest days. 

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